differences on schema 19115 implementation

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differences on schema 19115 implementation

Hi all,

I completed an old mail from John Hockaday about the differences between GN
19115 schema and the 19115 standards + Corrigendum 19115. I resume the

1 / mdLang/languageCode " The domain of the content of the ""language""
element is ISO 639-2.  ""-2""
specifies the three letter abbreviation used for different countries. ""-1""
specifies the two letter abbreviation.  Therefore, the pick list for the
""language"" element should contain three letter values like ""eng"" for
""English"" not two letter values like ""en"". Use the list from

2/ gmd:dataSetURI miss in GN
3 / distInfo miss the link with distributionFormat
4 / spatRepInfo/Georect/numDims Type Integer (actual string)
5 / spatRepInfo/Georect/chkPtAv Type Booleen (actual string)
6 / spatRepInfo/Georect/chkPtAv/orieParaAv Type Booleen (actual string)
7 / spatRepInfo/Georect/chkPtAv Type Booleen (actual string)
8 / spatRepInfo/Georect/chkPtAv Type Booleen (actual string)
9 / spatRepInfo/GridSpatRep/tranParaAv Type Booleen (actual string)
10 / dataExt/geoEle/BoundPoly/exTypeCode Type Booleen (actual string)
11 / dqReport/DQElementTypes/measResult/ConResult/conPass Type Booleen
(actual string)
12 / contInfo/ImgDesc/lensDistInAv Type Booleen (actual string)
13 / contInfo/ImgDesc/filmDistInAv Type Booleen (actual string)
14 / contInfo/ImgDesc/camCalInAv Type Booleen (actual string)
15 / contInfo/ImgDesc/radCalDatAv Type Booleen (actual string)
16 / contInfo/ImgDesc/trianInd Type Booleen (actual string)
17 / contInfo/FetCatDesc/incWithDS Type Booleen (actual string)
18 / contInfo/FetCatDesc/compCode Type Booleen (actual string)
19 / dataIdInfo/dataExt/vertEle [Corrigendum 19115]Delete vertUoM. Change
the name vertDatum to vertCRS
20 / refSysInfo/MdCoRefSys [Corrigendum 19115]to delete
21 / gmd:locale [Corrigendum 19115]to implement in GN. Implementation use to
explain ?
22 / geoBox/westBL + eastBL + southBL + northBL [Corrigendum 19115]change
type xs:string to xs:decimal.

The remark of John about the mdDateSt seems to be wrong in regard with the
19139 XSD (use of xsd:date or xsd:datetime format).

Concerning the Boolean type, it will be better to modify the xsl to manage
the type of data (with the selection of true / false listbox for example).

If someone identifies other issues, don't hesitate to reply to this mail

I could modify the 19115 xsd schema if you would like..

Pierre, IOW

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