deegree-users to be the main deegree communication channel from now on (and other news from the PSC)

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deegree-users to be the main deegree communication channel from now on (and other news from the PSC)

Jens Fitzke
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[Sorry for cross postings, once again]

deegree community members,

The project steering committee recently had a fruitful meeting on strategic
aspects of the deegree initiative [1]. The discussion covered many topics, but
most of them center on the community aspect. And so do the main results, which

- - The deegree-users mailing list will be the dedicated main communication
channel of the project. This means, that from now on, everything which is
considered to be important for the overall initiative will be communicated or
discussed on the deegree-users mailing list. This helps to inform everybody
without always being forced to cross-post to all three lists (which was not
the intention of building the three lists, of course). Please note that the
deegree-devel and deegree-announce lists are maintained with their dedicated

Further more:

- - The three main supporting companies (IDgis, lat/lon, Occam Labs) have
committed themselfs to spend extra work solely for the purposes of the
community. - And: They will ask the community for them to decide how the time
is spend best. This is where you enter the game. I'd like to encourage you to
participate in this process.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Happy communitying,

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