deegree stable 3.0.2 and experimental 3.1-pre2 released!

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deegree stable 3.0.2 and experimental 3.1-pre2 released!

Johannes Wilden
deegree stable 3.0.2 and experimental 3.1-pre2 released!

We are pleased to announce two more releases before Christmas.

Some minor bugfixes have been made for deegree 3.0,
and some new features were added to the deegree services (see below).

Check out the new version by downloading it from our download page [1].
Or have a look at a running version (stable or experimental) here [2].

New features
* added workaround for StaX-bug that can cause multiple namespace to be
   written (results in invalid XML/GML)
* fixed connection leak when using GetFeatureInfo on database layers
* fixed handling of ******** values in .dbf float fields
* fixed handling of NULL envelopes in shape files
* added confirm dialog when deleting configuration files
* fixed some more class loader leaks, so multiple redeploys are not a
   problem any more at least for simple setups

If you want to report any issues, please use the deegree 3 services
tracker [3].

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Best regards,


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