deegree Release Management formally established

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deegree Release Management formally established

Jens Fitzke
[sorry for cross-posting]

Dear friends of deegree,

as the next step towards greater transparency and better-defined
structures the deegree Project Steering Comittee discussed the issue of
Release Management and the corresponding role of Release Manager. A good
(yet a bit extensive) overview of the subject can be found at In regard to deegree,
release management is important so that in the future the process of
creation of stable releases (including deegree Demo Releases) becomes
better and more predictable for users and developers of deegree.

The deegree Project Steering Comittee therefore has established the role
of a Release Manager (RM) who has the following tasks:

- To coordinate the software development lifecycle (SDLC: branching,
testing, releasing)
- To decide about minor releases and bugfix releases, together with the
development team
- To manage the Demo Releases, in arrangement with the PSC and the
development team
- To inform the deegree community about upcoming releases
- To help to identify and/or create  processes or products to
efficiently manage the release of code and documentation

In summary, the deegree Release Manager coordinates the production of
high-quality and stable releases and corresponding documentation. The RM
can be contacted if you have questions regarding deegree's SDLC or releases.

Until further notice, this position is assigned to Markus Lupp.

Any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

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