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deegree Celsius (3.0) released

Jens Fitzke
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Hi list,

we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the first deegree 3
release. deegree 3.0 (codename: Celsius) has
been rewritten from ground up and features state-of-the-art OGC web service
implementations, namely deegree mapService
(WMS), deegree featureService (WFS), deegree catalogueService (CSW) and deegree
processingService (WPS).

Some highlights of this release:

- - Much easier configuration (even includes an initial web administration
- - State-of-the art application schema support (INSPIRE Data Themes, AAA,
XPlanung, GeoSciML, ...)
- - Excellent render quality and sophisticated vector and raster styles
- - High scalability due to streaming architecture

For your convenience, please choose one of the easily installable pre-packaged
deegree 3.0 setups [1] or just check out
running versions on our demo server [2]:

- - deegree utahDemo: Includes deegree featureService + deegree mapService with
vector and raster styling examples. Ideal
starting point for creating web mapping setups based on deegree 3.
- - deegree cswDemo: Includes deegree catalogueService with bundled deegree
catalogueManager. Get an ISO/INSPIRE-compliant
catalogue service running in a few minutes.
- - deegree wpsDemo: Includes deegree processingService with Java and Sextante
demo processes. Setup your own WPS
development environment in no time.

Additionally, deegree inspireNode provides INSPIRE View and Download Services
(deegree mapService and deegree
featureService) utilizing the superior application schema support of deegree 3.

If you want to report any issues, please use the deegree 3 services tracker [3].

Best regards,

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