deegree 3.2-pre13 released

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deegree 3.2-pre13 released

Johannes Wilden
deegree 3.2-pre13 released!

Some improvements and bugfixes have been made for deegree 3.2-pre13.

Check out the new version by downloading it from our download page [1].

* Overall:
  * RenderHelper.getWorldToScreenTransform bugfix
  * Bugfix GetFeatureInfo for INSPIRE addresses
  * Use style scale constraints when fetching features
  * DTD entity resolution disabled in StaX
  * Generic OGC Web Service Client open proxy fix
  * Switch to antlr for GFI templating
  * Concept to override Server URLs in main.xml doesn't work for multi
  * Fixes to enable building on Windows.
  * FeatureLayer.infoQuery doesn't correctly determine the correct
feature type(s)
  * Improvements to the handbook + related code fixes
  * Maven site fixes
  * Fixing remoteows tests wrt different jdk png encodings
  * Better download file names for WMS 1.1.1
  * Made frontcontroller more flexible
  * Improvement for busy loop in ThreadFeatureInputStream.hasNext()
  * Use of WMS namespace uri removed (resulted in StaX exceptions)
  * GetFeatureInfo for WMTS
  * Fixed assembly plugin build warnings about long file names
  * Axis ordering issue in WMSClient

For more information have a look at the accepted (closed) pull requests
on github [2].

If you want to report any issues, please use the deegree 3 services
tracker [3].

Kind regards,
Johannes Wilden

l a t / l o n GmbH Aennchenstrasse 19 53177 Bonn, Germany phone ++49
+228 18496-0 fax ++49 +228 18496-29 Follow deegree on Twitter:

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