deegree 3.2-pre12 released!

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deegree 3.2-pre12 released!

Johannes Wilden
deegree 3.2-pre12 released!

Some improvements and bugfixes have been made for deegree 3.2-pre12.

Check out the new version by downloading it from our download page [1].

* Overall:
 * module structure: Split deegree-core-base into modules for each subsystem ( Finished, except for final decoupling of feature, filter and gml.
 * added checkstyle configuration to measure code quality, see
 * various code improvements/refactorings to reduce checkstyle warnings

* deegree-core-base: Initial support for WFS-TE 1.0.0.

* deegree-featurestore-sql:
 * Fixed SQLFeatureStore cannot cope with multicolumn key propagation on insert
 * Allow updating of complex multi-properties (using insertAfter)

* deegree-webservices:
 * Improved shell starter and added version for MacOS X.
 * Improved windows starter. Added auto-detection of JAVA_HOME.
 * Changed start script names to include operating system. Clarified start script names for noobs.
 * Added debug info to narrow down proxy problems.
 * RemoteWMSTileStore: fixed handling of request CRS
 * WFS: Initial support for WFS-TE 1.0.0. Added tests for WFS-TE 1.0.0 query examples
 * WMS: switched from cup/jflex to antlr for dimension value/config parsing
 * WMTS: fixed resolution calculation when CRS units are degrees
 * WMTS: fixed WellKnownScaleSets to export properly in capabilities
 * WMTS: fixed identifier handling of tile matrix sets to exclude .xml suffix
 * WMTS: fixed a couple of null pointers when performing GetTile request
* deegree-webservices-handbook:
 * Described DCP options (manually configured endpoint URLs)
 * Improved tile store chapter.
 * More work on feature store chapter.
 * Some work on introductory chapters.

If you want to report any issues, please use the deegree 3 services
tracker [2].

Kind regards,
Johannes Wilden


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