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deegree 3.1 released

Johannes Wilden
Hi list,

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of deegree 3.1 -
Fahrenheit. We accomplished some major enhancements in usability and
functionality in comparison to the earlier 3.0 release.

Some highlights of this release:

- Just one single download which includes all major services (WMS, WFS,
- Web administration interface integrates new "workspace" concept which
makes it much easier to manage your configurations
- WFS: Support for WFS 2.0 (ImplementsBasicWFS, KVPEncoding,
- Feature stores: SQL feature store (PostGIS/Oracle) with support for
mapping of complex GML application schemas to relational models
- INSPIRE support: Metadata integration concept for INSPIRE-compliant
service capabilities (View-, Download- and Discovery-Service)
- WMS: Support for cascading WMS
- WMS: Better legend support
- Coverage stores: Support for raster pyramids in GeoTIFF
- CSW/Metadata stores: Improved relational model, support for Oracle
- WPS: Support for streaming inlined complex parameters

To get started, please pick a deegree webservices download
(WAR/ZIP) [1] and activate one of the official demo setups
("workspaces") in the service console. Or just check out running
versions on our demo
server [2]:

- inspire-workspace: INSPIRE View Service and Download Service
configured to serve Annex I Data Themes
- utah-workspace: Includes deegree WFS + deegree WMS with vector and
raster styling examples
- csw-workspace: Includes deegree CSW (deegree catalogueManager
available separatly)
- wps-workspace: Includes deegree WPS with Java and Sextante demo

If you want to report any issues, please use the deegree 3 services
tracker [3].

Best regards,


l a t / l o n  GmbH
Aennchenstrasse 19                 53177 Bonn, Germany
phone ++49 +228 18496-0            fax ++49 +228 18496-29    
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