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deegree 2.2 is stable

Andreas Poth
Dear List,

After weeks of excessive testing we are proud to present the new stable release of deegree 2.2. With this stable release many bugs were fixed and some new features added. Depending on this deegree 2.2 release both of the deegree2 web-portals *igeoportal-standard* and *igeoportal-portlet* edition are tagged as stable as well.

Demo applications based on deegree 2.2 stable are available at the download section of deegree homepage. Here you also find deegree2.jar stable version that you may use to update your already running deegree applications.

Because we are goining to redefine deegree release guidelines (especially we are going to have a better change logging between releases and a better built process for demos) SVN branch for deegree 2.3 will not be opened now. We plan to start with it in february 2009.

merry chrismas and a happy new year

The deegree team

Dr. Andreas Poth

l a t / l o n  GmbH
Aennchenstrasse 19            53177 Bonn, Germany
phone ++49 +228 18496-0       fax ++49 +228 18496-29

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