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d.rast.zoom fix

Jim Westervelt-2

Posting of a mail message just received.

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 92 10:42:14 -0500
From: [hidden email] (Raghavan Srinivasan)
Message-Id: <[hidden email]>
Reply-To: [hidden email]
Precedence: Bulk
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Correction in d.rast.zoom program
Status: R

d.rast.zoom is a function developed at Purdue university. I found
an error in using this program and corrected the same.
This program can be found from src.alpha/display/d.rast.zoom

Pl. replace the program cur_frm_db.c with the following code:

#include "gis.h"

struct Cell_head cur_from_db()
    char name[30], window_dir[30];
    struct Cell_head window;
    char *mapset;
    char *G_align_window();

    mapset = G_mapset();

    if (G__get_window (&window, window_dir, name, mapset) != NULL){
        G_system("g.remove region=lastwindow");

    return (window);



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Re: d.rast.zoom fix

Michael Shapiro-3
The posting of a programming fix should be made to grassp-list not
grassu-list.  The posting was about a fix to d.rast.zoom.  This posting
contained an error.  Please see grassp-list for the correction to the
original posting.

Michael Shapiro
U.S. Army CERL                  email:   [hidden email]
Environmental Division          phone:   (217) 352-6511  ext 526
P.O. Box 9005                   fax:     (217) 373-7222
Champaign, Ill. 61826-9005