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This is really an answer to Yosem, but others may also be interested.

During the past three years, the Erasmus+ funding from the European Union
has been funding a project called GeoS4S. this involves a collection of
universities and researchers from Europe and Asia collaborating to
create a collection of course modules in non-conventional GIS topics.
The courses are masters level, and intended to be free for use either
for individual study or university teaching.

I happen to know about this because my partner, Dr. Sally Goldin, authored
the module about "community-based GIS" - i.e. crowdsourcing data.

Unfortunately for Yosem, the platform to host these courses is not yet
completely set up, and I don't know when it will be. However, you might
keep your eyes open.

(Actually, I may try teaching this course myself at a local universit,
after it becomes on line.)

Anyway, good luck.

B.t.w. I went to Hunter for a while.

Regards - Kurt Rudahl
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           1. Please Help Puerto Rico Develop a GIS Crowdsourcing Platform
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        Hi All,

        Do you or someone you know have expertise crowdsourcing GIS data?

        I'm currently advising Hunter College's Center for Puerto Rican Studies
        ("Centro") on its GIS mapping efforts
        <> in
        Puerto Rico. Centro is one of just a handful of groups using GIS mapping to
        help Puerto Rico.

        Since Hurricane Maria's landfall in Puerto Rico, Centro's GIS mapping has
        shifted from relief to recovery and reconstruction. To accelerate its
        efforts, Centro would like to create a crowdsourcing platform to gather GIS

        I've suggested to Centro to connect with developers who have expertise in
        crowdsourcing GIS data so as to avoid reinventing the wheel. To this end,
        should you or someone you know have expertise developing GIS data
        crowdsourcing platforms, please let me know.

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