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creating RGB problems
I use GRASS GIS 6.4Osvn (2010) and wxGUI.

I imported a satellite photo jpg to GRASS. I used:

g.region res=1 -o c:/temp/google.jpg out=a,, files were created. I can see them (in grey color) in
GRASS GIS Layer Manager.

But when I use:

Add various raster-based map layers -> Add RGB layer


Raster -> Manage map colors -> Create RGB

(I tried 32, 256 levels)

GRASS GIS Layer Manager does not show any results.
Even more in output raster map
Number of Categories: 0

It seems something is wrong with Color table for output raster map.

Can you please advise what to do. Might be I need some additional flags in

r.composite red="" green="" blue="" levels=256 lev_red=256 lev_green=256 lev_blue=256 output="aaaa"