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parsis presswala
Hello List,
I have imported data of world in database and now I want to update changes in database.
For that I have download a change set of 2.5 GB from planet osm and created sample table (changeDB) to check the changes.

Command Used: osm2pgsql -d changeDB --create --slim --cache 1000 --number-processes 2 --hstore --multi-geometry path/osmdata/changesets-190318.osm.bz2

Terminal during processing shows this:
Reading in file: path/osmdata/changesets-190318.osm.bz2
Using XML parser.
  parse time: 959s
Node stats: total(0), max(0) in 0s
Way stats: total(0), max(0) in 0s
Relation stats: total(0), max(0) in 0s

No data has been updated in table. 

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