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boosting search results for a particular user/group

Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus-2

Hi to all

I am trying that the GN3 records for a specific group get a boost so
that they appear first, mainly I want for harvested records to appear
more at bottom of the search and a specific user/group more at the top

I looked at the read the docs

And edited the WEB-INF/config-lucene.xml  by adding the following

    <Param name="fields" type="java.lang.String" value="_groupOwner"/>
    <Param name="values" type="int" value="170"/>
    <Param name="boosts" type="java.lang.String" value=".4F"/>- ->

1) I am not certain if the field name has to be value="_groupOwner" or
"groupOwner" (<field name="_groupOwner" tagName="groupOwner"/>)

2) I looked in the database on the table public.groups  and used the
number from the ID of the group I want to boost

I have reload the index, file and reindex but nothing as changed. Any
tips of information about the topic? I think I am doing something wrong
or I don't understand the concept of boosting.

Have a nice weekend


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