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backup & restore GN3.2 to GN3.6

Hi all,

I would like to have a suggestion on backup & restore geonetwork application.
To now, I have a geonetwork 3.2.1 up and running on a quite old ubuntu 16.04.
I have to move it on a new dedicated server that hosts several virtual machine.
One of them is ubuntu 18.04 server prepared specially to run only geonetwork.

Of course just move the geonetwork app from Ubuntu16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04
together with the postgresql dump of the geonetwork database it would be the
easiest way, and may the most recommended.

However, I would like to know if I could back the geonetwork 3.2.1 on 16.04 and restore it
in 18.04 but at geonetwork version 3.6.0.

I tried to export all the data as zip from the GN3.2.1 but I receive always this error:
<error id="error">Java heap space</error>
(Firstly I tried to increase the memory in JAVA_OPTS,
then I tried also to export the metadata into different parts, to limit the use of memory,
with no luck, same error - surely this is due to some very large datasets attached to some metadata).

Other test it was to harvest in GN3.6.0 all the metadata from GN3.2.1, although not all
metadata were retrieved, I have some problems with the datasets attached to each metadata
because they are linked with a URL pointing to the GN3.2.1 (which I should shout down
after the restore operation).

Do you have any suggestion to port the data/metadata from old server ubuntu 16.04 with GN3.2.1
to the new server which host the VM ubuntu 18.04 and GN3.6.0?

I looking forward to your hints


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