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animated zooming 1.3

Emanuel Schütze
Hi list,

a new animated zooming version is online:

Features in current version:
- scale all visible tiles by shrinking/enlarging
- scale red rectangle in overviewmap
- scale extra zoomOut tile
- NEW: scale _baselayer_ only (the performance with overlays was to bad!)
- NEW: support wms, wms untiled and image baselayers
- NEW: "smooth tile update" - it doesn't show a blank map after zooming (with
slider); use onload/loadstart/loadend events
- NEW: recenter overviewmap after drag, doubleclick and panning
(not really animated zooming, but a cool smart map browsing feature :). I
thought: if ovmap updates during zooming it should also updates during
panning. Now, it would be really great if we add animated panning for ovmap
like gmaps.)

Features for next versions:
- animated zooming with "smooth tile update" for:
+/- buttons, zoomToExtent/shift-drag-box, doubleclick, mousewheel, +/- keys
(all like animated panning #110)
- support all other baselayers

Best regards,
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