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Willing to Pay for OSSIM Install and Support

Tim Haynie

Hello!  We are looking at using OSSIM to rectify a LARGE number of images captured by a UAS.   Each image has GPS and Inertial Measuring Unit pointing values (camera pitch, yaw, roll) written to the EXIF data.  We want to rectify each image based on these values without having to use Ground Control Points for geo-correction.


We have all of the camera model values…focal length, sensor size, pixel size, and coupled with the IMU/GPS data believe there is a way for OSSIM to geo-rectify the imagery using Aerial Triangulation.


We are NOT developers and are seeking an experienced OSSIM subject matter expert to help us

  1. Install OSSIM on our AWS platform
  2. Build a camera model to
  3. Rectify a large number of images (TIFFs) automatically.


…Who among wants to earn some extra cash for the holidays!!

Sample imagery data available on request!

Looking forward to hearing back soonly!



Best, Tim



Tim Haynie

President - CEO



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