WhiteboxTools v1.4.0 released

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WhiteboxTools v1.4.0 released

John Lindsay
We are pleased to announce the release of WhiteboxTools v1.4.0. This release sees the addition of several tools, bug fixes, and enhancements to the user manual documentation. Of the new tools, we are most excited about the addition of the TimeInDaylight tool, which estimates the proportion of daytime that each cell in a digital surface model (DSM) is in an exposed area. Pre-compiled binaries are available for Windows (win), MacOS (Darwin), and Linux on Github and from the WhiteboxTools homepage. Please report any bugs that you encounter by creating an issue on the WhiteboxTools Github site.

Kind regards,

Dr. John Lindsay, Associate Professor

Dept. of Geography, Environment & Geomatics,

The University of Guelph,

Room 346, Hutt Building,
E-mail: [hidden email]

Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 56074

Web: https://geg.uoguelph.ca/faculty/lindsay-john

Research page: https://jblindsay.github.io/ghrg/index.html

WhiteboxTools OS GIS project: https://jblindsay.github.io/ghrg/WhiteboxTools/index.html

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