What constitutes "breaking the API"?

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What constitutes "breaking the API"?

Jackie Ng
Hi All,

I'm after clarification as to what constitutes the MapGuide API whose compatibility we want to preserve between releases.

I've done some sandbox work to refactor the MgReader streaming mechanism in the mapagent. This change involved:

 - A constructor change to the MgHttpReaderStreamer class introduced in RFC 130
 - Dll exporting the ByteSourceImpl class in the Foundation library

On the .net/Java/PHP side of things, nothing is changed as the above classes in question were never exposed to SWIG in the first place so from their perspective, nothing should have changed.

Is this (.net/Java/PHP) the API we want to preserve and any changes to such exposed classes/methods requiring an RFC discussion? Or does this include the C++ side of things as well?

The changes in question that I want to merge back into trunk if anyone's interested: http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/changeset?new=7760%40sandbox%2Fjng%2Fstreaming_v2&old=7755%40sandbox%2Fjng%2Fstreaming_v2

- Jackie