What I have learned today (Next generation GRASS GUI)

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What I have learned today (Next generation GRASS GUI)

Christian Wygoda
Here#s what I have learned today:

* JGrass exists. But: My linux like others doesn't come with a java out-of-the-box. If you haven't a broadband connection, that is kind of a problem.

* Sorry bout that clock problem.

* Some users prefer native (lightweight) GUI over QGIS. Others prefer QGIS. I don't feel comfortable about riding GRASS of it's GUI though. But GUI needs to be seperate form the rest. Let's celebrate the power of the shell!

* (Menu) plugin system needs to be as easy as providing an XML file.

* Some want to keep the d.* modules. (No problem. They could script the GUI which could be lightweight to display just a plain vanilla monitor.)

* I'm not the only one who doesn't like TclTk-GUIs.

* Some people like a organized GUI (classic MDI - tabs or workspace) while others prefer an "exploded" GUI. So this needs to be an option.

* Not everyone has high-power PC's. Even the Biosphere Reserve around my door (which is state-run) has only some PCs suitable for complex GIS applications!

* People seem to be split over the GUI. Some are perfectly happy with QGIS and could live without a native GRASS GUI.

I would only repeat that as GRASS evolves, so should its GUI. A native one that would be - IMHO.

Cheers to everyone!

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