Week 9 Report - Gisquick platform extension

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Week 9 Report - Gisquick platform extension

David těthal
Hello everyone,
my report for week 9 is listed bellow.
More detailed info is in project wiki page [1]

What did you get done this period?
- Almost all of my work was done on one major task "add raster data support into Gisquick plugin" [2]. This task is composed of multiple subtasks that are mentioned in project wiki [1]. I did most of the it but there are still some subtasks that has to be done in next week.
- Fix bugs discovered within previous weeks [3] 

What do you plan for next week?
- As I mentioned before, I will continue my work on raster layers support for Gisquick plugin for QGIS 
- There are some bugs and enhancements that I did not finished last week [4] [5]
- I will finish raster layers filtering on Gisquick client. I am going to add more advanced filtering and animation settings for raster layers.

Are you blocked on anything?
- I am not blocked.

Project wiki page [1]
Gisquick client repository [6]
Gisquick plugin for QGIS repository [7]
[3] https://github.com/davidtethal/gisquick-qgis-plugin-gsoc2018/issues/5
[4] https://github.com/davidtethal/gisquick-gsoc2018/issues/12

David Tethal

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