Week 8 Report - Gisquick platform extension

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Week 8 Report - Gisquick platform extension

David těthal
Hello everyone,
my report for week 8 is listed bellow.
More detailed info is in my wiki page [1]

What did you get done this period?
- Research about use of QDate type support in Gisquick platform [2]. Support for QDate in WMS Filter parameter will probably not be implemented in Gisquick platform, but QDate type will be supported in Gisquick plugin for QGIS in teh same way as date string now.
- Fix bugs related to the time tool [3]
- Made some improvements for time layers that were recommended to me [4] 
- Create working concept of raster layers filtration based on its time values [5]. When working concept was done I add more features (animation button, small settings) that is used for selection of vector layers. For demonstration purpose Docker image was made and deployed on server provided by my university faculty [6]. Time tool is hidden in tool menu but so fat it does not have any icon. It will be changed soon [7].

What do you plan for next week?
- Fix bugs found within previous week
- Support for raster layer filtration on Gisquick client and Gisquick plugin for QGIS. In the plugin the raster layers same as their time extent has to be set as described here [5]

Are you blocked on anything?
- I am not blocked.

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