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andre voelkner
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Hi list,

I'm testing the Geoserver WPS-Extension V2.1.2. I've implemented some processes for quality assurance, for example analyzing polygons for spikes. The processes work correctly when using the WPS Demo Request Builder.

1st question:
But I have to make this work on a client software. Which one can you recommend especially for clientside-orchestration? I tested uDig-Plugin and Workflowmodeller from 52North with no success.

2nd question
When I select "REFERENCE" in the Demo-Builder, Geoserver doesn't get anything from "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wfs?...". But entering "http://geoserver/wfs?..." works. This doesn't correspond with the generic spec from OGC. Where and how can I change this? Is this only a bug of the Demo-Builder? I couldn't test it on another GUI (1st question)...