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WMS "Library Mode" request

Hi users.
I'm trying to build a geoserver "library mode" request, using info
from this urls:

I've build an url like this:
where SLD_BODY is something like
<UserStyle><Name>ruleCATBASEFABBRICATI</Name>..." and it's perfectly
valid "per se" (i've made separate tests.

So basically what I've build is a request that define two layers and two styles.
The first style is defined as a geoserver style
The second style is NOT defined as a geoserver style, but is an
"UserStyle" inside SLD_BODY.
The result of the request is a Service
Exception:"Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1 1"

Note that I've tried to play with STYLES param, using as example the
string "styles=CATPARTICELLE," (note the last comma) with the same
A request with "styles=CATPARTICELLE," and WITHOUT SLD_BODY works
well, but of course the second layer uses the default style.
A request without SLD_BODY and "styles=CATPARTICELLE" (no comma here)
fails, as I may expect.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for any kind of help.
Diego Guidi

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