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WMS 1.3.0

i have a problem with WMS 1.3 requests.

I have installed Geoserver from Opengeo repository which is the same version as one on their site.

When I make WMS request to my geoserver,43.673233,19.448000,46.555000&HEIGHT=305&WIDTH=493

everything works fine. But when I make another similar request,43.673233,19.448000,46.555000&HEIGHT=305&WIDTH=493

I get a blank image. Only difference in these two requests is WMS version. One has 1.3 other 1.3.0.
First I thought it was a bug, but if I do a WMS 1.3 request to a Opengeo server (which is the same version as mine) everything works fine.


Can you please help me. I'm going nuts! Problem is that I need 1.3.0.
Thanks in advance.