WFS / GML + Mapbender configuration

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WFS / GML + Mapbender configuration

Chris Tweedie-2

Hi everyone, I realise this is largely a German list but I am hoping someone can help me configuring mapbender to include GML / WFS output. The usermap and germany examples on the mapbender webpage could potentially point me in the right direction, but I wasn’t able to find the GUI export for download.


Current setup:


MySQL 4.1

PostgreSQL + postGIS

Mapbender 2.1.0

Apache 2x + PHP 4.x


By default there seems to be no way of including your WFS server as a layer into your GUI. Is this correct? I have manually loaded the load_wfs module and added it into the sql db, but I am unsure on how to add this layer into my GUI.


I have tried deciphering the deutsch documentation and also checking out the CVS without any luck. Any help would be appreciated guys,



Chris Tweedie

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