WCS 2.0.1 does not honour the list of crsSupported

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WCS 2.0.1 does not honour the list of crsSupported




I have defined the CRS list for the WCS service with the “ows_srs” metadata and that reflects correctly to CRS list in GetCapabilities “<crs:CrsMetadata><crs:crsSupported>”. However, it seems that Mapserver accepts any CRS as SubsettingCRS and OutputCRS. According to the standard the service should give expections  “SubsettingCrs-NotSupported” or “OutputCrs-NotSupported” .  Also if I use some non-existing CRS the error is not the one defined in the standard, but: msProcessProjection(): Projection library error. proj error "no options found in 'init' file" for "init=epsg:045".  Value “epsg:3034” does work as OutputCRS even it probably shouldn’t because in GetCapabilities it is shown as



I wonder if I have understood something wrong with the WCS configuration of if I have just discovered a couple of bugs.


I guess that there is no way to disable the older WCS 1.x versions by using just mapfile but I would be glad to be wrong.


-Jukka Rahkonen-



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