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Vertical Units?

Tillerson, Clint
Vertical Units?

Hello All,

Im updating an application to read/process elevation data in GeoTIFF format.  Ive come across a couple data sources that supply this type of data in GeoTIFF format but omit specifying vertical unit of measure within the GeoTIFF file (VerticalUnitsGeoKey, 4099).  It seem like a reasonable expection that a GeoTIFF file that stores elevation data would include this vital piece of information. 

Im curious from you who are veterans when it comes to working with GeoTIFF files, is this type of thing is common?

It seems the data are only as good as the supporting information that identifies and describes it.  Ive run into similar issues with other types of data where a widely used distributor omitted the projection parameters.  Are these common issues you typically have to deal with when building custom applications that read/process GeoTIFF files?

Thanks for any insight!


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