Version 2.1 Feature freeze 18 July and test phase

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Version 2.1 Feature freeze 18 July and test phase

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi all,

We are quickly approaching our version 2.1 release. For that I wanted  
to send you this email to let you know that we'll soon freeze new  
functionality for the 2.1 release.

Our freeze is planned for Wednesday midnight 18 July. We will than  
use Thursday 19 until Monday 23 July to debug and fine tune  
intensively with our team to make sure all is coherent and tested  
before making the Release Candidate that should be released on the  
same Monday.

That should allow us to finish the final release one week later,  
giving time for the last fixes of reported problems.

You're most welcome to join in the debugging & testing sessions next  
week :-)

I will have IRC open on the #geonetwork channel (see the community  
website for details on the channel) so people can provide feedback  
while we work and commit fixes & updates :-)

This will be a first time we'll do such interactive session, so it  
will be a new experience for all of us that I hope is worthwhile :-)

Ciao, have a good weekend!

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