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VS 2015 migration: FDO common

Karsten Winter

Hi all


I’m currently migrating the projects to Visual Studio 2015.

Some errors occur with the new compiler for which I would like to get a review for the solution. The first part is about FDO common part.




FILE Encapsulation

In previous versions, the FILE type was completely defined in <stdio.h>, so it was possible for user code to reach into a FILE and modify its internals. The stdio library has been changed to hide implementation details. As part of this, FILE as defined in <stdio.h> is now an opaque type and its members are inaccessible from outside of the CRT itself.


-> Figure out read/write capabilities with fstat.st_mode, which gives only the status of the file on the disc but not the real time opened mode

-> This is different to the previous FILE property "_flag", which is not available anymore since VC++ v140.


Best regards


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