VPF Plugin and VMAP data

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VPF Plugin and VMAP data


first I would like to mention that I am very happy about the work the GeoServers´ team is doing here! GeoServer is a great product which beats other MapServers by far!

I am actually working on a requirement to distribute raw VMAP data directly by GeoServer (as GML or shape). I have downloaded the community VPF-Plugin (plugin and GeoServer´s nightly build) which should fulfill the request but I am not able to include the VMAP data as working datasource.

When I want to add a datasource I can select "Vector Product Format Library" as datasource type, this is good. On the next page I am entering the path to the european dataset (file:data/VMAP0/v0eur/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia) and click on save. GeoServer accepts the path without an error message.
Then the new Layer page appears with no layer to publish. Am I entering a wrong path or what am I doing wrong? Converting the VMAP data to shapes (what I have already done) is no option for me, because our customer wants direct data access. Please helf me with this issue trouble

Thank you