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VC++ std::unordered_map issue

Karsten Winter

Hi all


After solving the problem with the GetAllFile() method in FdoCommonFile.cpp, 2 other problems came up in the SHP unit tests.

The test case with selecting distinct values (SelectAggregatesTest.Select_distinct()) from the shape file was failing.

The problem was in the method FdoExpressionEngineUtilDataRead::Perform_Distinct().

Here filtering of duplicated entries in the hashmap was not working.

It’s related to the deprecation of stdext::hash_map. Visual Studio 2015 recommended to use std::unordered_map, which I did previously.


But the problem is when using a std::unordered_map and insert duplicated FdoByteArray as key is working. But the duplicated key should not be inserted!

I tested it with simple integers were it worked as expected that duplicated keys cannot be inserted.


So I use now std::map instead of std::unordered_map. In this method we do not use lookup operations on the map, but iterate trough.


Other usages of std::unordered_map, which I used to replace stdext::hash_map, use more often lookups but no equality check on the keys. So keep them as it is.


Attached you can find the patch for the Expression Engine.


This is a more critical fix, which I would like to fix before the branch.


Best regards



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