Using Circular projections

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Using Circular projections

Philip Gladstone
I'm trying to use an Azimuthal Equidistant project in openlayers. It works if I limit the extent of the projection such that the corners of the extent are within the projected region. However, since the projected region is circular, this causes problems -- if I set the extent of the projection to include the entire globe, then "things" blow up when trying to render the tile layer. This is because openlayers tries to convert a corner point (in this case -2e7, -2e7 meters) and proj4 blows up because this point does not actually exist (the projected map is a circle of radius 2.0015e7 meters). 

What is unclear to me is whether the issue is in openlayers, proj4js or in my configuration. Does anybody have an example map using a tile layer, openlayers, proj4js with a non-rectangular projection (that doesn't repeat) where you can see the whole of the non-rectangular area. [I've already had to fix one proj4js bug where it couldn't convert 0,0 in AEQD]



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