Using Cartoweb as the WMS browser for Geonetwork

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Using Cartoweb as the WMS browser for Geonetwork

François-Xavier PRUNAYRE
Hi lists,
If anybody is using geonetwork for metadata managment & cartoweb for webmapping, we made a little plugin to allow Cartoweb to load WMS layers when clicking the 'interactiveMap' button of Geonetwork.
Plugin read the HTTP request looking for 'url' and 'layers' parameters and add this to the mapfile of the project. The ini file for this plugin allow to specify the layer id where you want the plugin to add your wms layer. The plugin for cartoweb is available here for the time being :
For geonetwork, you just need to update the xsl file metadata-iso19115.xsl line 1699 and 963 change the intermap popup by the URL to your map application.
Demo :
The GetCapabilities used in Geonetwork and Intermap is not supported. Maybe could be linked to the wmsBrowser plugin for cartoweb...
Hope this could be useful.

François-Xavier Prunayre

GIS Engineer

International Office For Water

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Fax : +33555114748

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