Update user manual for 0.9.1

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Update user manual for 0.9.1

Otto Dassau

I checked the svn commits and partly updated the user manual according
to these enhancements.

This is already done:

1) possibility of changing locale settings within QGIS
2) added "received bytes" infos to ogc chapter for wfs and wms
3) update of the georeferencer chapter (window arrangement)
4) Changing current version to 0.9.1

probably some more infos need to be added to the manual, before tagging 0.9.1,
see below? If you think there is more to update, please add some notes to
the wiki [1] or write a short mail, so I can add the missing information to the
user guide before next tuesday.

- Update install.tex from sources
- Notes about map composer fixes (has anything changed for the user?)
- changes in the handling of the map file export?
- Adding information "whats new or enhanced in 0.9.1 compaired to 0.9.0
- ...?

[1] http://wiki.qgis.org/qgiswiki/DocumentationWritersCorner

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