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Update on the QGIS Meeting

Randal Hale
First off my apologies. I've set a reminder to start firing off emails
on Friday to keep the QGIS centric meeting going. There has been a lot
of interest and for that I am happy. Some people have emailed me and
I've been slow in replying and I am sorry. I'm going back through my
email and looking for missed emails.

Originally my thought was to do this in October and I'm slowly finding
out there is a lot happening in October that is presenting a problem -
So - I may have to shift dates some but this will happen.

Secondly I've been a bit slammed with work (which is a good thing) so
this hasn't gotten my full attention like I wanted. UTK (Knoxville) has
dropped as a venue. They are overloaded in October for meetings. I've
had suggestions of Charlottesville VA and Blacksburg VA. I've a location
in Chattanooga I'm 90% sure will work - I just need to double confirm
with them on holding it here. I've had some interest from Asheville NC
also. The big problem with me investigating these locations has been time.

Sooo - a question. As much as I hate committees - does anyone want to
jump on board to help me track down a spot and possibly get this
arranged. I can fully appreciate it "I don't have time" as I'm
struggling on the time aspect myself. It's one of the joys of small
business which I've come to appreciate over the last few years - I tend
to have a lot of free time or none.  lately it's been wildly swinging
between the two.

Regardless - this will happen but I'm running just a bit behind so bear
with me.


Randal Hale
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
(423) 653-3611

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