Update on QGIS Users Group Meeting - Chattanooga - June 20th

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Update on QGIS Users Group Meeting - Chattanooga - June 20th

Randal Hale
So the meeting actually went quite well. We had 7 people attend with one
gentleman driving from two hours away (because he didn't know anyone in
the area knew about QGIS) from Huntsville Alabama. So a special thanks
to Richard Duivenvoorde for adding that announcement to the QGIS
website. That's how he knew about the meeting.

We did a small intro to QGIS - so at this point most everyone can at
least open data, symbolize it, and stand a good chance of making a map.
I did my portion with 2.15 - so I had a chance to show them come things
coming down the pike with the next release. We even dove into a broader
discussion of FOSS4G - which is actually making me do a 10 or so long
slide show on Open source in the GIS world. Everyone there was overly
familiar with ArcGIS - QGIS was a new thing they had played with but
didn't understand. So If nothing more we got some people talking and I'm
pretty sure I've converted 10 more people.

The group expressed interest in continuing these technical meetings. So
there will be more and we'll have an ongoing discussion on that coming
up over the rest of this week. My whole goal is to keep it centered
around QGIS in some form or fashion - but we might deviate off into
drones or openstreetmap. We finished up at a local brewery and talked
for about an hour or so.

Anyway - it looks like there might be a QGIS users group with some
staying power in the area. It will just take a little bit of work but
nothing terrible. So next meeting will be in the works and announcements
coming shortly.


Randal Hale
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
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