Update on QGIS Meeting Chattanooga October 25th 2019

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Update on QGIS Meeting Chattanooga October 25th 2019

Randal Hale

So Abstracts are starting to roll in

Big news: Social at the Tap House in Historic St Elmo the Night before the meeting (October 24th). Sponsors have stepped and it's happening. For those who are coming in the night before it's going to be a fun event.

Abstracts of Note:

  • Randal Hale - QGIS: It's all about Form(s) - QGIS comes with the abilility to create forms to help you input data or capture data. You can build simple forms to help users avoid misspellings and help speed up data capture. You can also build forms where data entry is dependent on previous data entered as well as forms where data entry depends on other GIS data. Building Forms in QGIS is easy, powerful, and easily done if you have no programming experience. I'm going to attempt to talk you through the easiest to make forms plus one difficult form to show you how easy this can be (or hard depending on how the demos work).
  • Erich Purpur - EcoValuator: QGIS plugin development. Working in collaboration with Key-Log Economics (An environmental economics consulting firm) in a project funded by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, I (Erich Purpur) worked with a group of other developers and contributors to build EcoValuator, a plugin built for QGIS 3. EcoValuator is built on python and provides a simple means of estimating the dollar value of a study area, based on the land cover types in that study area, and on your ecosystem service of choice. This presentation will cover background information about the project, what are ecosystem services, how the EcoValuator works, challenges of using the QGIS python API, and demonstration of the plugin in action.
  • Bernie Drahola - Building a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution based on Openlayers and CesiumJS. 18 month ago our team felt the need for having a next Gen cloud mapping solution. We did not want to leave it all to ArcGIS Online, so we decided to build our own. It is designed to make maps, analyze data, add custom database solutions, and to share maps and data with fellow users.Take a look behind the scene of the journey of putting it all together and learn how far we have come and what are our ideas in terms of connecting Open Source solutions like QGIS and GeoServer. 

More are coming in! Please Submit if you wish to talk about QGIS or any of the software QGIS touches. We're over the halfway mark for Talks.

Website: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/20191000-QGIS-US

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/qgis-conference-tickets-67208884583


  • North River Geographic Systems, Inc - Gold Sponsor
  • Tony Kinder, PE, RLS - Gold Sponsor
  • Wicked Moon Webs - Gold Sponsor
  • Carl Anderson, GISP - Gold Sponsor
  • Drahola Technologies - Gold Sponsor
  • Paul Wickman - Gold Sponsor
  • Julian Burke - Silver Sponsor
Randal Hale
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