Update on Autodesk policy regarding FDO Open Source

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Update on Autodesk policy regarding FDO Open Source

David Ji

Hi All,


We would like to reiterate Autodesk commitment regarding this Open Source project.


FDO is and will continue to be a key component to AutoCAD Map 3D, Autodesk Civil 3D and Autodesk InfraWorks products and Autodesk will continue contributing to this project. Our focus will be but not limited to defect fixing, 3rd party upgrade, Visual Studio migration and more.  All the commits will be submitted to an ADSK branch, so everybody can see and leverage those. 


At the same time, we would like to delegate to the community decisions on which commits they would like to merge from ADSK to a Trunk branch. This delegation would not detract from our commitment to this project but to rather encourage more contributors to be involved in this open source project.



Best regards,



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