Update GeoNetwork OpenSource v1.2.1 released

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Update GeoNetwork OpenSource v1.2.1 released

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Sorry for any cross posting.

Dear all,

A new version of GeoNetwork has been released. The application is
available in three different forms:
1- As an integrated application combining GeoNetwork metadata catalog,
Intermap Web Map Services HTML client/ viewer application and the
lat/lon Deegree Web Map Server v1 with added time dimension.
2- As an integrated application combining GeoNetwork and InterMap.
3- InterMap has been released as a standalone WMS client application,
running as an HTML webapp on a webserver.

The update fixes and improves a number of features.
- added Spanish language (with credits to Miguel Angel Manso Callejo
from EUIT. Topográfica UPM in Spain for the extensive translation
- improved editor (automatic save before modifying of metadata
- fixes for UTF8 encoding in distributed search (fix on external
- some statistics functions added
- contact details have been merged back into the metadata record (this
requires running a script while performing the upgrade from version
1.2.0. Nothing has to be done on a fresh installation)
- Improvements on the integrated InterMap OGC compliant and ArcIMS
compliant map viewer.
- Improved metadata support, time support and SLD support on InterMap.
- more small fixes and improvements.

The application can be found at


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