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Upcoming Meeting in the Southeast

Randal Hale
Last year: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Knoxfoss4g20170519

There's been a lot of interest in having this meeting again. The new US
OSGEO Chapter is sponsoring some of cost of the meeting if we do this
again (I'm looking for other sponsors also). I've even had some
discussion about moving it to Chattanooga - but we also have the chance
to grab UTK's library.

As for time frames - I'm unsure. FOSS4GNA hit right about the time I
would have done this again. I've heard "June" and I've heard other
times. As things settle I'll start tossing dates out there.

Last year we had 50 people attend so I expect attendance to be higher.
I've been debating some workshops also - but I'm unsure how to pull that
off at the moment without dragging this into a multi-day affair. BUT -
Multi-day might not be too bad.

Anyway,  the gears are starting to turn into getting this meeting going
again. I'll most likely ask for some help to keep me from overbooking
presentations. We had a lot of great talks last year - some put it on
the level of a "major conference" - which was pretty cool also.


Randal Hale
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