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Unsupported Geometry types

Hello, I'm a C# developer working on a mapping application using ThinkGeo's
.NET libraries. I load in tables from .mdb files and display the geometries
on the map. Two particular tables have been throwing errors, and ThinkGeo
keeps pointing me to this forum to ask for help.

The two tables in particular contain polylines, and lines respectively.
ThinkGeo told me the geometry entry doesn't abide by the wkt standard.
Here's an example of a linestring that is throwing the error:

“LINESTRING XYZ (-70.7502181866444 43.0795118096002 -0.070901098504986,
-70.7501075845634 43.0793679202859 -0.068659340275752, -70.7501320749463
43.0791989695718 -0.055076922769217, -70.750216298381 43.0791176119038

The polylines look similar.

I traced the error in the code to this line in ThinkGeo's code:
This is calling the GetWkb function in the FgfGeometryFactory class located
in the OSGeo.FDO.Geometry library.

Any suggestions as to why this geometry can't be read by FDO and how to fix
it would be great! Thanks.

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