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         UNCED 92 Communication and Information Net

(I)  The   United  Nations  Conference  on  Environment  and
Development, UNCED92  (or Eco92),  will take place at Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil,  in June,  1992,  promoted  by  the  United
Nations General  Assembly. Some 170 governmental delegations
are   expected,    as   well    as   50    intergovernmental
representatives (IMF,  ITO, UNESCO...)  and aproximately 500
non-governmental delegations.  More than 10.000 people shall
work directly at the conference and other 100.000 people are
expected  to  be  somehow  related  to  the  meeting  and/or
parallel events.  The UN   General  Assembly   will  address
invitations   to   all State or  Governnment heads  from all
member-countries.  At  least 70  State Governors  shall come
to Brazil   with  their retinues. More  than 40  delegations
have  already confirmed their presence.  Some 5.000  foreign
journalists   may   also attend   the     conference.    And
there   will    be   a    giant constellation  of   parallel
events,   meetings,  shows  and expositions,  organized   by
private  and  non-governmental organizations (NGOs),  at the
Forum 92 Global, always at Rio de Janeiro.

(II) All  these international  events would certainly demand
much information.  That's  why,  with  the  backing  of  the
National Research  Net of the National Research Council from
Brazil (RNP/CNPq), it was organized an eletronic information
and communication  net about  UNCED92. Its main objective is
to gather  and spread  the widest  range of  information  on
UNCED92,  with   the  participation   of  the  national  and
international scientific community, specially at Third World
countries. This  net is  a technical  and informative  forum
about the  main topics,  but  will  also  address  secundary
demands,  logistic   and  organizational  questions  on  the
conference and parallel events to whom it may concern.
The  project   is   multinstitutional   and   the   promoter
institutions are:  Agencia  Estado  (AE,  a  Brazilian  News
Wire), ECOFORCE  (a Brazilian  NGO), Nucleo de Monitoramento
Ambiental (NMA/EMBRAPA,  the Environmental Monitoring Center
of the  Brazilian Agricultural  Research Agency),  Instituto
Brasileiro de  Analises Sociais  e  Economicas  (IBASE,  the
Brazilian Institute  for Social  and  Economical  Analysis),
Nucleo de  Ciencias e  Aplicacoes e  Tecnologia Espacial  da
Universidade  Estadual   de  Campinas  (NUCATE/UNICAMP,  the
Science and  Space Technology  Application Nucleous  of  the
State  University   of  Campinas),   Conselho  Nacional   de
Pesquisas   (CNPq,    the   National    Research   Council),
Universidade Federal  de Minas  Gerais  (UFMG,  the  Federal
University of   Minas  Gerais), Universidade  de   Sao Paulo
(USP, the   Sao  Paulo University),   Fundacao  de Amparo  a
Pesquisa do  Estado   de Sao   Paulo (FAPESP,  the  Research
Supporting  Foundation   of     State  of      Sao   Paulo),
Universidade     de     Sao  Paulo  (USP,    the  Sao  Paulo
University), Fundacao  de Amparo  a Pesquisa  do   Estado de
Minas Gerais   (FAPEMIG,  the Research Supporting Foundation
of State of Minas Gerais), Fundacao de Amparo a  Pesquisa do
Estado do  Rio de  Janeiro (FAPERJ,  the Research Supporting
Foundation of  State of  Rio  de  Janeiro),  United  Nations
Development Program  (UNDEP) and    Instituto de  Matematica
Pura  e Aplicada  (IMPA/CNPq, Institute for Pure and Applied

The net  is a  set  of  eletronic  lists,  supervised  by  a
coordinator, with   specific  supervisors to each  list,  in
order to  enable its  full development.  At first, there are
five proposed lists, that may be unfolded, if necessary. The
net will  have three  stages: before,  during and  after the

The five initial lists are:

1. ECO92-L:  general information.  Beginners list, with wide
range of  themes  and  discussions,  to  where  generic  and
logistic questions  shall be  addressed. It  is organized by
the net  coordinator, who   may  suggest more specific lists
to the user, if necessary.

2. THEM92-L:  thematic conference.  Provides information and
promotes discussions on the scientific and technical aspects
of UNCED92,  as well  as their consequences. It is addressed
to the national and international scientific community, with
open and  closed eletronic  conferences. It  is organized by
the net  coordinator,  with  the  backing  of  ECOFORCE  and

3. UNCE92-L:  official program.  Provides information  about
the  official   event,  its   preparation,  follow   up  and
It is organized by the UNCED92 official coordinators.

4. GLFR92-L:  the NGOs Global Forum. Provides information on
the  parallel   event,   organized   by   non   governmental
organizations, its  preparation, follow up and decisions. It
is organized by IBASE.

5. NEWS92-L: News - Read  only   list   with    journalistic
informations on  the event,  stories on  subjects related to
UNCED92, comments, international reactions, editorials, etc.
It is organized by Agencia Estado.

(III) Instructions for new lists users
      The  official  languages   are   Portuguese,  English,
Spanish and French.

To subscribe any list send the following message to:

[hidden email]

SUB list_name (complete_user__name)
SUB ECO92-L John Denver Smith
To sign off any list send the following msg to:

[hidden email]

SIGNOFF list_name
To sign off all lists at one time send the following msg:


            **  ATTENTION  **

To send msgs to the lists use the specific address:
[hidden email]

DO NOT  use these  addresses to  ask for  subscription ou to
signoff your subscription

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