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USA Cigarettes Store by premium quality

With 2000, NISE, sticking Newport 100s Carton Cheap to the fantastic quality connected with Baisha Collection products, took this lead with listing in the states and recognised the check up of Us consumers.

With 2003, NISE go back with good honor to meet up with the merged consumption desires of Far east people.

Truly, "Baisha" overseas big model strategy multiplied deployment in addition to implementation, bundled "Harmony" in addition to "Nise" in "Baisha" sub-brands, and recognized basic markets in the centre East, Southeast Most of asia, South North america three places.

NISE cigarette smoking prices

Gains (hard blue): tar: 13mg, fumes nicotine: 1. 1mg, fumes carbon monoxide: 0mg

Li factors (international) retail store: Tar: 6mg: may be: 0. 6mg, h2o and monoxide: 0mg

(Hard Distance Africa) Retail store: Tar: 13mg, Smoking cigarettes: 1. 0mg, H2o and Monoxide: 0mg

(soft blue): tar: 15mg, may be: 1. 1mg, fumes carbon monoxide: 0mg

NISE's "Passion NISE" line, first launched from the Chinese current market, selects 9 mg tar information, which is usually less hazardous. The thoroughly developed 9 mg NAISE by means of high-tech suggests reduces this harm though fully maintaining all the satisfaction added USA Cigarettes Store by  premium quality cigarettes.