[UMN_MAPSERVER-ANNOUNCE] MapServer 4.6.1 released

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[UMN_MAPSERVER-ANNOUNCE] MapServer 4.6.1 released

Daniel Morissette-2
MapServer 4.6.1 has been released. This new release addresses a few
issues that were found since version 4.6.0 and contains no new
functionality. The list of fixes is included at the end of this message.

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:
and Windows binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations,


  Daniel Morissette               [hidden email]
  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

Version 4.6.1 (2005-08-26)

- Typemaps for C# to enable the imageObj.getBytes() method (bug 1389).

- bug 1307: Enable -DUSE_ZLIB via configure for compressed SVG output.

- bug 1372: mapresample.c - ensure that multi-band raw results can be

- bug 1418: Fixed sortshp.c to free shapes after processing to avoid major
   memory leak.

- bug 1402: fixed mappool.c so that any thread can release a connection,
   not just it's allocator.

- Bug 1408: Fixed missing space in GML MultiLineString output

- Bug 1399: Fixed copy of processing directives within a layer copy.

- Bug 1312: Problems with string initialization when building tmp
             files. It was cuasing a problem for wms client layers.

- Bug 1390: Fix svg output for multipolygons.

- Bug 1141: Fixed problem with GetLegendGraphic on layers with status=off