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Tuning Performance


Is there any recent documentation on tuning Mapguide?


My problem is this:

I have old 2.5 mapguide on centos 6.9 (virtual guest ) and copied some maps both on:

- 3.1.1 mapguide on different centos 6.9 virtual guest on same phisical host

- 3.1.1 mapguide on Windows guest on same phisical host


Old and new guests are similar (same virtual processors, same memory, same max processor %)


The old mapguide is MUCH faster respect the same maps on the new machines. (6 seconds on old guest, 24 second on new!!)


Variations on serverconfig.ini and webconfig.ini on the new installations (admin, client, site connections) seems not to change nothing on performance.



Any suggestions are appreciated.



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