Troubleshooting Poor Performance in MapGuide 2.5.1.x

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Troubleshooting Poor Performance in MapGuide 2.5.1.x

Justin Lowe
New to the mailing list - hoping that someone may be able to offer some assistance. We have a legacy installation of MG on Windows Server 2012 R2 that we are maintaining for a client. Recently, we've encountered performance issues with MapGuide and I am trying to troubleshoot - mgdefault.cfm load time has gone from approximately 6-8 seconds to over 70 seconds.

System resource usage and network latency/bandwidth have been ruled out. I have installed FusionReactor (since we are not on an enterprise license of CF) to try to get some insight into the issue. My knowledge of CF is relatively limited, though. Server/service restarts had no effect.

Can anyone provide guidance on what my next steps should be to identify/resolve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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