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Christopher Schmidt-2
Quick notes, since I don't have any time for OL today: this is a 'todo'
list for merging the vector branch and working on 2.4.

 * We changed MouseDefaults around when we implemented handlers.
   However, MouseDefaults is currently subclassed by a lot of people.
   Instead of replacing mousedefaults and mousetoolbar, leave them,
   and come up with new names for the new versions. We can change names
   in 3.0.

 * CSS: Check for CSS existing in the page before adding the default
        theme. If there is existing CSS, don't add the default stuff.
        This is important because control panels are all CSS, so people
        are more likely to want to edit them than in the past.
 * Debug: Discuss how we should start doing debug statements and
          how to enable debuggin (inclusion of a seperate script)
          without littering the default console.log() with statements in
          FF where console is always defined.
 * Rename Layer.WFS to something else, since people use the markers
   WFS layer, and we don't want to remove that functionality.
   (VectorWFS? WFS.Vector? WFS.SomethingElse?)

 * Complete basic tests for all new classes. This is so that anyone who
   finds a bug can extend the tests without having to write the basic
   .html file to get started.
 * Modify the default library.cfg to not include any of the new vector
   stuff. OpenLayers 2.4 should be the same as trunk currently is for
   people who are not interested in vector support.

Christopher Schmidt
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