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Jackie Ng
Hi All,

Posting here because this bug is a real annoyance from a UI/UX perspective and probably relates to jxlib which I know little about.


When you click any "one-shot" widget button on a toolbar (eg. Zoom In), the active visual state "sticks" to that button until you either:

 a) Click another widget button
 b) Have the web browser window lose focus to a different application window

This is really bad because the Zoom In visual state would make the user think it's the active widget, when in actuality "Zoom In" executes immediately when clicked and never becomes the active widget internally or visually, bringing confusion to the user as to what is actually the current active widget.

Any ideas? This didn't happen with the Fusion that comes with MapGuide Open Source 2.2. Whatever defect this is, it was introduced afterwards.

- Jackie