Textures and possible more THREE Exposure

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Textures and possible more THREE Exposure

Clément Glogowski

Hello Everyone,

We are currently working on a Itowns Planar Mode project, helping the city of Montreal becoming more efficient with it's 3D datasets, providing them a web base approach to visualize, analyse and share 3D viz to enlight its aspect of The Smart City.

We would be really grateful if the next official release could expose more of the THREE library, so that we could easily work with the renderer/rendering aspect of the Planar Mode.

One example would be working on a way to pass data attributes (quantitative and qualitative) to the setMaterial function to apply a variety of coloring system. Any hint on this ?

One other example is the way Itowns expose the camera objects and methods, we find it rather difficult to interact with the camera. 

ex: Tilt camera on the cursor, not on a fix point in space
ex2: Controls events will interfer with the starting camera position and matrix

We are also eagerly trying to find the best practice to load and render the building geo-texture on the 3D Tiles server. Any news or relevant information that would help us would be really appreciated.

  Thank you for your time and dedication ! 

Clément Glogowski
<a href="tel:(514)%20622-0587" value="+15146220587" target="_blank">514-622-0587


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